Getting the Hang of It

With a book on hand, a name in mind, we became e-book publishers on that late November Day.  My first order of business was to figure out how to e-publish.  If I remember correctly the Wall Street Journal article gave some good direction to start, and being a relatively good researcher I was off and running.  But first I had to get my hands on an e-reader—now we have several.

Sidereal Days was well over one hundred thousand words—and I needed something with fewer words to fine-tune my skills.  Then I remembered—last summer Earl had given a Civil War talk at the library in Cuba, NY.  A very nice gentleman from Texas came to our office the next day looking for a copy of the talk.  I don’t know what Earl gave him, but I did notice that sitting next to his desk were copies of the talks he had given over the years—to local libraries and civil war groups, talks he gave in Washington, DC at the Smithsonian, National  Geographic, the Washington Map Society, in Boston at the Harvard Map Collection and even  a talk he gave on Long Island that was picked up by Book TV years ago.

My practice material was not only available but was interesting and ready to be published.  Or so I thought….

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