Sidereal Days The History of Rock and Roll A Romance

From Funk and WagnallsSidereal (sī•dir′•ē•əl) adj. 1. Of or pertaining to stars.

A band evolves with a gangster’s guitar, a favorite song, a friend, an amp, and a rusty drum set.  A tour comes later after a dodgy bar, a murky fire, and a nervous promoter.  Add a song, a night with a star, and a tragedy.  Include screams and fans.  Breathless lyrics and bum notes.  Love and marriage.  British invasions and California blues…..

Meet the Sparrows…and Bo Diddley, the Cookies, Patsy Cline, Bob Dylan, Ed Sullivan, the Beatles and more as they navigate through their Sidereal Days in the early ‘60s, writing, recording and performing their rock and roll music.

The moral of the story:  It’s not the quiet ones you have to watch out for.

It’s a lot more than a novel.

What you don’t know about rock & roll might fill a book.

And it does!

Sidereal Days, The History of Rock & Roll, A Romance by Earl B. McElfresh.

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